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S-Lock® Spine Frame

Trusted for over 50 years, the Thompson Retractor is the only mechanical retractor to offer one frame for all exposure needs, multi-planed retraction, and unlimited customization. The Spine Frame was developed with the spine surgeons’ needs in mind.


  • Independent retraction
  • Versatility
  • Controlled, precise placement
  • Stability

Strong and stable, the Spine Frame offers independently adjustable lateral arms to enable versatile retraction and maintain a low-profile operating field. The system includes patented one-piece retractor handles with angling and micro-adjustable features. These low-profile handles support all of our spine blades for exceptional retraction and exposure.

Uncompromised Anterior Cervical Exposure

The Thompson Retractor offers a secure, table mounted solution that eliminates the need for toothed blades and the excess retraction required by self-retaining retractors to stay in place. In addition, patented low profile angling retractor handles offer infinite blade positioning and the ability to elevate the longus colli.

Uncompromised Anterior Cervical Exposure is safer and easier with the Thompson Retractor. 

Uncompromsed Anterior Lumbar Exposure

The anterior approach to the lumbar spine is heavily dependent on the ability of the access surgeon to provide exposure quickly and safely. Exposure of the anterior lumbar spine and safe retraction of the abdominal and vascular structures are crucial for successful lumbar fusions and decompressions.

The Thompson Retractor provides safe and effortless Uncompromised Anterior Lumbar Exposure.

Uncompromised MIS Posterior Lumbar Exposure

The MIS Posterior Lumbar Access (PLA®) System allows spine surgeons to accomplish minimal access with maximum visualization. Utilizing a versatile frame platform, the system provides flexible, independent retraction and angling from all directions while also providing controlled and stable exposure. The PLA is the solution to obtaining Uncompromised MIS Exposure for a variety of posterior lumbar approaches and procedures.

Anterior Lumbar Bone Lever System

The Anterior Lumbar Bone Lever System was designed to provide uncompromised, central, anterior lumbar exposure for fusions and disc replacements. Designed by Rudolf Bertagnoli, M.D. in Germany with Thompson Surgical Instruments, the system utilizes a combination of renal vein blades and bone levers for ease of blade positioning and superior, central exposure. In addition, dual rail clamps and an oval ring frame provide rigid stability as well as the ability to operate on two levels without needing to move the frame.

CCA Retractor

The CCA Retractor was designed to achieve superior, uncompromised Exposure of the cervical spine during decompression and/or fusion (ACDF) and arthroplasty procedures to treat spinal instability and nerve or spinal cord impingements.

Traditional minimally invasive retractor systems limit access and visualization though rigid, tube-shaped openings which restrict multi-level access and compromise overall exposure. Additionally, many open retractor systems may require extensive retraction to reach optimal anterior cervical exposure.

Posterior Lumbar Retractor System

From mini-open procedures to large midline incisions, the Radiolucent Posterior Lumbar System provides the strength and precision required for superior access and visibility.

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