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Rectal Biopsy Forceps

Aus Systems has developed the next generation suction rectal biopsy system that combines a single-use capsule procedure pack and a re-usable handpiece. Capsules are supplied sterile and fully assembled with an ultra-sharp blade and airtight seal. Operators can now expect precision cutting and suction consistency for each biopsy.


Single Use Capsule

  • Precise suction provides a consistent specimen for each procedure
  • The specimen is captured in the front of the capsule after each biopsy
  • No need for blade sharpening or capsule maintenance avoiding biopsy procedure failure
  • No user contact with the blade preventing accidental sharps injuries and blade damage
  • No blade lubrication needed
  • Unique quick snap process to view the specimen after successful biopsy
  • Each single use capsule features 3 x 10mm insertion depth indicators and a fully enclosed, scalpel sharp blade and internal seal
  • Elimination of patient to patient cross infection risk
  • Utilises a quick twist and lock system to attach the capsule to the handpiece making it suitable for left and right handed operation

Reusable Handpiece

  • Designed with an easy to use thumb trigger
  • A light comfortable handle for steady placement
  • Easy to clean and autoclavable
  • Simple, 4 component assembly & disassembly


  • Negative pressure manometer 
  • supplied sterile (gamma)
  • highly visible identification markers
  • self calibrating between biopsies
  • allows neutral capsule pressure against mucosa
  • repeatable readings

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