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Disposable Electrosurgical Accessories

Ortho Medics provides an extensive range of high quality disposable electrosurgical accessories. 

Our range includes:

  • Electrodes (blade; needle; ball LLETZ loop; laparoscopic)
  • Patient Return Electrodes
  • Pencils (standard; laparoscopic)
  • Smoke Evacuation Pencils 
  • Suction Coagulators


All disposable electrodes utilise a standard 2.36mm stainless steel shaft. All electrodes come individually packaged in sterile blister packs. Electrodes are available with a nonstick PTFE coating that results in less tissue damage and allows easy cleaning with a wet sponge

Our wide variety of loop electrodes are available in different sizes, shapes and insulation styles.

Patient Return Electrodes / Grounding Pads

Disposable grounding pads are designed for safe and effective use and come with a super adhesive gel already applied.


The electrosurgical pencils come with your choice of button, rocker, or foot controls. Each is available with or without holster and PTFE coated blade. All disposable pencils are sterile and packaged individually.

Smoke Evacuation Pencils

The Smoke Evacuation Pencil provides quick and easy removal of smoke plume during surgical procedures. A slim and ergonomic design with an angled swivel connection, lightweight Ultra-flexible suction tubing and an integrated cable enables the surgeon to operate with optimum manoeuvrability and maximum visibility even in deep cavities.

Our Smoke Pencil comes with universal adapters to fit the majority of smoke evacuation systems in the market

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