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Sterilisation Tray range - reprocess from CSSD to the end user in one tray

The baskets are entirely made of stainless steel. Thanks to their surface treatment, obtained by means of electro polishing, our baskets are more protected against colour changings caused by steam sterilisation. Each basket can be equipped with a lid that will increase the handling easiness. The narrow side perforation avoids the exit of fine and pointed instruments. Moreover the laser manufacturing technology avoids the presence of sharp edges. 

In addition we offer an extensive range of basket accessories, which are easily customisable to suit your unique set requirements for sterilisation. 

The Trays

Benefits of our trays:

  • Side perforations - improved instrument saturation in washer
  • No additional wash cycles for trays - time and cost savings, less handling so reducing human error and reduction of instrument migration 
  • Organised instrument sets -easier to maintain instrument sets and keep contents together
  • Extra width and length - can fit large rampley forceps into tray plus providing better fit for instruments all round
  • Flat base and corners - good for wrapping with less chance for wrap to tear
  • Perfect fit into container system
  • Lid options - to protect instruments and stop them falling out, also for stacking and improved protection


The tray accessories

Benefits of our tray accessories:

  • Wide range of instrument fixation - silicone inserts, metal dividers, lid lips, instrument pins and more 
  • Organised and functional tray - reduces instrument loss or displacement
  • Easy and quick instrument organisation 
  • High resistance of stainless steel and silicone

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