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MicroStop® Sterilisation Container System

The KLS Martin MicroStop® sterilisation containers can be sterilised as often as you like. As there are no consumables required, MicroStop® containers cut down on waste considerably. Therefore, MicroStop® sterilization containers are not only a cost-effective alternative to conventional, filter-based systems, but an environmentally compatible one as well.

The MicroStop® sterile barrier is a flow inhibition system based on a principle discovered by Louis Pasteur. With a separation efficiency of 99.99997%, it offers significantly better protection against microbes and particles than any filter.

The MicroStop® Container Range

Is available in three sizes and different heights. The container dimensions are perfectly matched to each other for optimal space utilisation both in the steriliser and during storage. A comprehensive range of accessories (such as trays and logistics components) make the sterilisation containers an indispensable part of the equipment you need for your operations.

6 Colours for Perfect Guidance

All MicroStop® sterilisation containers feature ergonomically shaped carrying handles available in 6 different colors. This makes unambiguous allocation to different fields or departments even easier. For optimal orientation - in any medical field.

The Choice is Yours

Whether plain text, bar codes or data matrix codes - we letter your coding labels according to your needs. Besides, you can choose among 10 different color tabs for clear assignment of your containers.

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