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Polarus 3 Solution

Designed to provide multiple solutions for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the humerus, the Polarus® 3 Solution provides plate and nail options in one comprehensive system. The system includes a Posterior Plate for capturing posterior greater tuberosity fragments as well as a Standard Plate for less complex fractures. Nail options include both a Proximal and Distal Nail depending on fracture patterns.

Polarus 3 Plates

The Acumed® Polarus® 3 offers Posterior Plates to capture greater tuberosity fragments, as well as Standard Plates for less complex fractures in the humeral head. Both plate families offer multiple suture holes, medial calcar support holes, and a variety of lengths.


Polarus 3 Rod

Building on the success of the original Polarus® and Polarus® Plus Nail, the Polarus® 3 Solution incorporates existing nail and instrumentation features such as radiolucent targeting guides, tapered profiles, and axillary nerve avoidance in addition to several new features


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