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Hand Fracture System

The Acumed® Hand Fracture System is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies and includes five solutions in one tray. Versatile screws, customisable plates, and dedicated instrumentation offer a comprehensive system to streamline the surgical experience. 

The system features precontoured standard plates, specialty plates, and Hexalobe MultiScrews. Hexalobe Lag Screws and threaded K-wires are also included for less complicated fractures. 


Modular Hand System

The Acumed® Modular Hand System offers surgeons innovative fixation solutions that are designed to address specific indications throughout the hand, from the carpals to the phalanges.  Encompassing both fracture and fusion fixation, the Modular Hand System is contained in a modular tray that allows for flexibility, customization—and expansion as future innovative products are introduced.  



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