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Stableloc External Fixation System

The Acumed® Stableloc External Fixation System, designed to repair unstable distal radius fractures, incorporates the best features of the existing wrist fixators on the market today. The lightweight, radiolucent device allows the surgeon to gain initial reduction with the fixator in place and then independently adjust only those planes needing correction. 


Small Bone Fixator

The Acumed® Small Bone Fixator is an innovative solution for stabilising fractures resulting from high-energy trauma, including fusions, osteotomies, open and/or comminuted fractures, infected nonunions, and fractures with length discrepancies. The Small Bone Fixator System is simple to use, offers versatile pin placement options and stability - and is cost efficient. 


Small Bone Distractor

The Acumed® Small Bone Distractor is designed to aid with open or closed fractures, aseptic and infected nonunions, corrective osteotomies, length maintenance due to segmental bone loss, and distraction lengthening of the metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges. A removable handle on the Small Bone Distractor allows surgeons to easily manipulate the device, while minimising X-ray exposure. 



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