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External Fixators

The Acumed® External Fixation System provides innovation fracture management solutions for the upper extremities through a dedicated line of external fixators. From our distal radius fracture system, to our innovative small bone fixation and distraction units, each system has been designed to provide ease of application, stability, and fracture reduction.

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The Acumed® Anatomical Midshaft Forearm Plating System offers marked hardware improvements over traditional straight plates. The system can be used to treat fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the radius and ulna. it can also be used in conjunction with the Acumed® Forearm Rod System for a less invasive approach to both-bone fractures of the diaphyseal region. 

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The Acumed® Hand Fracture System is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies, and includes five solutions in one tray. 

The Acumed® Modular Hand System offers surgeons innovative fixation solutions that are designed to address specific indications throughout the hand, from the carpals to the phalanges.

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Traction Tower

The Acumed® Arc Wrist Tower is designed to provide stable traction of the patient's forearm and hand, allowing unrestricted access to the wrist during arthroscopic and fracture-reduction procedures.

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The Acumed® Acu-Loc® 2 Plating System is a comprehensive system that includes several plate families to give surgeons the freedom to choose between distal or proximal sitting plates, three different plate extension options and fragment specific plating options.

The Acumed® Total Wrist Fusion Plating System was designed for wrist arthrodesis due to deformities associated with degenerative arthritis, brachial plexus palsies, and spastic disorders. 

The Acumed® Acu-Loc® Wrist Spanning Plate is designed to address complex distal radius fractures. This temporary fixator is designed to hold the wrist in distraction and to provide ligamentotaxis to the wrist on a temporary basis while the distal radius heals. 

The MOTEC® wrist joint prosthesis is a modular prosthesis consisting of four parts, providing the surgeon with 144 combinations closely replicating the patient’s normal wrist joint range of motion

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