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Posterolateral Plates

The Acumed® Posterolateral Plates are specifically designed for isolated capitellar fractures and for surgeons who prefer a 90° - 90° plate application. A precontoured bend in both the diaphyseal region of the plate and the lateral tip to support the anatomy, while the unique, divergent screw geometry of the distal hole cluster allows for maximised fixation at the fracture site.


Medial Column Plates

The Acumed® Medial Column Plates are designed to offer fixation and compression of fractures of the distal humerus by extending down distally, or wrapping around, the mdial epicondyle and extending up the condylar ridge. This fixation is maximised when the screws in the articular fragments interdigitate with the screws from the Acumed® Lateral Column Plate on the lateral side. 


Lateral Column Plates

The Acumed® Lateral Column Plates improve upon the biomechanics of posterior plating by enabling longer screws in the articular fragments to interdigitate with the screws from the medial side. When used in conjunction with Acumed® Medial Column Plates, the construct acts as a template for complex fractures of the distal humerus.



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