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Elbow Plating System

The Acumed® Elbow Plating System has revolutionised the way orthopaedic surgeons treat and manage elbow fractures. This System offers multiple fixation options for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, and coronoid, and osteotomies of the olecranon, in order to address a variety of patient anatomies. 


Distal Humerus

The Acumed® Distal Humerus Plating System consists of:

  • Posterolateral Plates
  • Medial Column Plates
  • Lateral Column Plates

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Proximal Ulna

The Acumed® Proximal Ulna Plating System consists of:

  • Olecranon Plates
  • Coronoid Plates

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Radial Head

The Acumed® Radial Head System consists of:

  • Anatomical Radial Head Replacement System
  • Radial Head Plating System 

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