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Titanium Osteosynthesis

The impulse for the forward-looking developments in the field of osteosynthesis was provided by Professor Maxime Champy: Thanks to his revolutionary considerations concerning the biomechanics of the visceral cranium, KLS Martin is now one of the leading global specialists in this field.

Nowadays, physicians are consistently presented with new challenges, especially in orthognathic and reconstructive surgery. Great ambition and innovating thinking combined with many years of experience is therefore absolutely essential in developing appropriate solutions. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and the perfect cooperation between scientists and users, KLS Martin meets these high demands.

Cranial Osteosynthesis

Fine bone structures constitute the challenges for cranial indications. By offering a wide variety of plate geometries with lowest profiles from three systems, we cover the requirements for the most frequent types of bone defects and fractures.

KLS Martin Products:

  • 1.0 mm Micro System
  • 1.5 mm Neurosurgery System

Midface Osteosynthesis

Complex three-dimensional bone structures in the midface require a wide variety of plate geometries. Within a great range of implants from three systems you will always find the suitable solution.

KLS Martin Products:

  • 1.5mm Micro System
  • 2.0 mm Mini System (Low Profile)



Mandibular Osteosynthesis 

Achieving stable osteosynthesis using as little material as possible has been our motto since the considerations of Prof. Champy. KLS Martin offers the largest selection of plate geometries and screw diameters. Always the appropriate product, from small bone blocks to bridging large mandibular defects.

KLS Martin Products:

  • 2.0 mm Mini System
  • 2.0 mm Champy Module
  • 2.3 mm Smart Shape System
  • 2,0 - 2,7 mm ThreadLock TS System
  • Bone Graft Kit
  • Rhombus 3D
  • Mandible Mesh Tray

Orthognathic Osteosynthesis

Innovative osteosynthesis techniques and diverse requirements in orthognathic interventions are reflected in our extensive product portfolio. Two systems are available that have been specifically developed for these indications. Implants of our 1.5 and 2.0 standard osteosynthesis systems as well as additional products for e.g. intermaxillary fixation (IMF) complement the product portfolio.

KLS Martin Products:

  • 1.5 mm Lindorf Orthognathic Module
  • 2.0 mm Arnett FAB System
  • BSSO - Sliding Plate

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