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Sonic Weld Procedure

The core component of this procedure is what is referred to as the SonicWelder Rx, an ultrasound generator that is used to generate ultrasonic waves of precisely defined frequency with are then focused with a sonotrode. The SonicPin Rx® is picked up with the sonotrode tip and placed onto a pilot hole.

When activating the ultrasound generator, the pin is set vibrating via the sonotrode. The friction between the vibrating pin and the bone surface generates heat, liquefying the pin surface and thus enabling it to glide into the hole. By changing the state of aggregation, the pin even penetrates into bone cavities that could never be reached by conventional resorbable screws or using the conventional procedure. In addition, the head of the SonicPin bonds with the membrane, creating a three-dimensional construction of unmatched initial stability.

The Implants

The SonicPins Rx® are the essential link between the plate or mesh and the bone. The two pin diameters available - 1.6 mm and 2.1 mm - are fully sufficient to cover the entire range of indications. The self-retaining SonicPins Rx are delivered in clip magazines from which they can be easily picked with the tip of the sonotrode for immediate transfer to the predrilled hole.

As the Resorb-x® plates and meshes made of resorbable PDLLA are completely transparent, a perfect overview of the surgical site is guaranteed at any time. And because they can be shaped as required, Resorb-x® plates and meshes are suitable for any situation. Once heated up to 65-70°C (149-158°F), they easily adapt to any anatomical structure. When cooling down, they regain their original rigidity and stability, thus fully preserving the three-dimensional form into which they have been brought.

The System

The core component of the system is an ultrasound generator, which liquefies the SonicPin Rx® by means of microvibrations. When activating the unit, slight pressure is sufficient to drive the SonicPin Rx® into the pilot hole.

Depending of the field of application, there are various tips, referred to as sonotrodes, available in straight and angled variants to insert the SonicPin Rx® and optimally shape the Resorb-x® film/membrane.

With the Xcelsior, you get a line-powered water bath for easy contouring of Resorb x® implants. 

The BOS Drill is an ideal supplement to the SonicWeld Rx® system. It provides you with a battery-operated tool for predrilling holes - no need to rely on clinical motor systems.


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