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Patient Specific Implants

The loss of complex or extensive bone structures due to an accident or tumor creates significant physical and emotional stress for patients. It also represents a great challenge for the physician pondering the question of how the defect can be covered in the best possible way. In such cases, patient-specific implants can be an effective means of mastering these difficulties and keeping the resulting uncertainties under control.

Standard implants can deliver only less-than-satisfactory results in cases of severe injuries or conditions caused by tumors. KLS Martin offers the perfect solution here: Based on individual patient data, we create customized, perfectly fitting implants that meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically. Extensive bone grafts are thus no longer required.

Patient-specific reconstructions are very complex and differ greatly from one patient to another. KLS Martin offers you a comprehensive range of manufacturing facilities along with different materials – each with its specific properties for use in specific fields.

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)

PEEK is a high-strength, thermostable, high-performance plastic. Thanks to its physical properties, which are comparable to those of cortical bone in humans, PEEK is the type of plastic most frequently used in orthopaedics.

Titanium Mesh

Unlike conventional osteosynthesis materials, titanium mesh allows three-dimensional deep-drawing. The use of a special thermal process ensures a closed microstructure and superior mechanical strength. Thanks to its 100% intact structure, titanium mesh provides absolute dimensional stability. Moreover, it offers the best biocompatibility and the best bone cell apposition potential.

Solid Titanium

Solid titanium represents a high-strength reconstruction alternative to titanium mesh. Even though it has been superseded by titanium mesh in recent years, solid titanium offers several advantages in specific fields of use – e.g. where the mechanical protective function is important.

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