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Distraction Osteogenesis

The insights which the Russian surgeon Gavril Ilizarov gained rather accidentally in the 1950s are standard knowledge today – clinical practice would be unthinkable without it. More still: In many cases, distraction osteogenesis now represents the method of choice. With numerous innovative and revolutionary distraction systems, KLS Martin has made a major contribution to establishing this technique in craniomaxillofacial surgery for use in operating rooms all over the world. There is hardly any craniomaxillofacial problem to which KLS Martin has not responded by designing a special distractor to solve it.

The innovativeness, flexibility and determination to take on new tasks again and again, thus readily facing the challenges encountered in everyday clinical practice, are paying off: KLS Martin is positioning itself as a technology and world market leader in the field of CMF distraction. 

Midface Distraction

The KLS Martin Midface Distraction range consists of:

  • RED II Distraction System
  • Arnaud Cranio-Orbital Distractor and Marchac Temporal Distractor
  • Molina Orbita-Malar Distractor
  • Riediger Midface Distractor

Maxillary Distraction

The KLS Martin Maxillary Distraction range consists of:

  • TRACK Distractors
  • Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)
  • Rotterdam Palatal Distractor
  • Zurich Paediatric Maxillary Distractor
  • TS-MD Distractor
  • Liou Cleft Distractor

Mandibular Distraction

The KLS Martin Mandibular Distraction range consists of:

  • TRACK Distractors 
  • Unidirectional Mandibular Distraction
  • Zurich Paediatric Ramus Distractor
  • Teleskop Distractor
  • Zurich II Distraction System
  • Bidirectional Mandibular Distraction
  • Moses-Stucki Distractor
  • Ramus Distractor
  • Ramus Transport Distractor
  • Transport Distractors
  • Transversal Mandibular Distraction
  • External Mandibular Distraction 

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